Ninja Auto Wok

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Technical Parameter

Overall dimensions (mm) = 405*510*(195+190)
Gas pressure (kPa) = 2000-2800
Voltage (V) = 110
Frequency (Hz) = 50-60

Working Principle

Heating principle: ignition valve open, pulse ignition, combustion gas
generation, heating to the bottom of the pot, pot heating dishes. With intelligent flameout protection, the valve automatically closes and opens, and other

Installation Instructions

Gas installation:
natural gas installation must use a gas medium
pressure pipe (forbidden to use poor quality, household low-pressure pipe), interface with throat tightening, (soap water daubs interface to check leaks.)

LPG installation method:
installation must use a gas medium-pressure pipe (prohibited, use
poor quality household low-pressure pipe), interface with throat
tightening, (soap water daubs interface to check leaks). Liquefied
gas pipeline to add an adjustable middle-pressure valve!

Note: Before use, the furnace surface must be kept dry and clean
and tidy, and the pot is placed in the tray center above the
furnace head.
1. Power on: connect the power supply with the indicator light on
the control panel.
2. Ignition heating: press down the right knob air valve switch
counterclockwise twist to the maximum position, then ignition
success, the furnace head fire can be adjusted clockwise or
counterclockwise size.
3. Timer: need a long time Fried food, can use the timer to set
the required time, 'Time Set1, Time Set 2, Time Set 3, Time Set 4'
four groups of countdown Timer for selection, setting, and adjustment.
Select one of the buttons, the button corresponding indicator lights
bright, and the display window with three digits shows the countdown number of seconds. According to the firing time demand, select ‘+’or ‘-’
to adjust the countdown seconds, and press the Timer again the bright indicator lights in the four Timers, after that, the frying time
countdown begins. After the countdown, the furnace head turns off
and stops heating, and the corresponding indicator light flashes and
beeps, which helps to achieve one people guard multiple stations
or no people guarded. This function helps to save labor
and standardize food production. Four groups of timers with memory function, one time sets, and can be used for the next time. The gas valve is adjusted to the minimum during continuous standardized operation, only continuing to start the last used timing menu program, the furnace head automatically catches fire and works.
4. The use of an automatic fry arm: when the power is on clockwise twist
the left 'stir governor' knob switch to 1,2,3,4 or 5 gears, and put down
the mixing shovel, according to the use requirements to adjust the
speed. When flipping the boom with ingredients or cooking finished,
you must counterclockwise adjust the 'stir governor' knob to '0'
to stop rotation. Remember to use the machine in a standardized
manner and pay attention to safety.
5. Shutdown: after using, twist the left speed control knob, switch
clockwise to the '0' position, twist the right gas valve ignition,
switch clockwise to the minimum, disconnect the power supply and
enter the shutdown state.

Safety precautions

1. Do not extend your finger / foreign body into the gas cooker, otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock.
2. Do not use sharp objects to mop the stove surface, otherwise, it will cause damage to the gas stove.
3. Do not place plastic containers in the heated area, and do not place items on the stove surface.
4. Do not damage the stove surface, when the stove surface is cracked, you must immediately cut off the power to stop using.
5. Do not block the heat dissipation port at the top of the gas stove,
otherwise, it may cause a fire.


1. Before maintenance and cleaning, please remove the power cord from
the power socket and turn off the intake valve
2. The control panel and body have slight dirt please wipe them with a soft wet cloth
with a small amount of toothpaste or neutral detergent, then wipe it clean.
Do not use a hard brush to wash the body when cleaning it.
3. the dust of the suction/exhaust hole surface can be removed by a cotton
swab, if there are oil stains, they can be removed by cleaning agents that
do not damage utensils, but remember to clean it up carefully.
4. Please prevent water from flowing into the machine after cleaning,
dry the water stains with a dry cloth before use.5. Do not directly rinse
with water or immerse it in water to wash the gas stove.
5. Do not rinse or immerse in water to wash the gas cooker.

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